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                         Natalie Stewart from the Friscoisd area August 20, 2012

Cynthia!  My seat sacks are amazing!!!!!!  I can't wait to start the year with them!  All the teachers that have come in my room are so amazed by the quality!  I did my research before buying and I am SO glad that I did!  I couldn't be happier with my decision to spend a little more for this AWESOME quality!!!  Thanks a million!!!


                                        Jamie Hobson wrote on August 11, 2012

Hi Cynthia, OH!  I was so excited to see the box when I pulled into my driveway and even more excited to open the box!  WOW! I was very impressed with your product. Truly, impressed. Nice job!  I'm so glad, I decided to spend just a bit more but I can see that bit more bought me, oh so much better quality!  Thank you for the great service and staying late to make sure, I received the product this week.  I do appreciate that extra effort. 


                                   April Dawn Agnew-Franklin Elementary, Little Rock, AR

Hey Cynthia!  I have had my bags for seven years and they are still in good condition.  I will need to place an order this fall for about 8 bags because a few are worn out.  Other than those few, my bags have held up through 3 years of Kindergarten and 3 years of 2nd grade.  I am very pleased and look forward to doing business with you this fall...

God Bless and remember, "Everyday with Jesus is Sweeter than the Day Before"


                                           Kim-MEd, NBCT-5th Grade Teacher

We received our 3 chair bags yesterday, wow you all are fast!! The kids were so thrilled that now they all have one! We LOVE them!
Thanks for being a super company to work with!!

                              Kim-Lundy Elementary-5th Grade Math & Science

My name is Kim.  I am a fifth grade teacher at Lundy Elementary in El Paso, Texas.  When my daughter was in 3rd grade 5 years ago I purchased a denim chair bag from her school Polk Elementary.  I was then able to use it when my son hit 3rd grade.  It still looks great after 2 years hard use.  I would like to order some to use in my fifth grade classroom.  Thank you!

                                         Eric Fay & Phuong Nguyen-Fay
                       St. Bartholomew Catholic School in Columbus, Indiana

Our class and teacher LOVE the new chair covers! Thanks again for putting out
such a quality product at an affordable price!

                                                   Geoffrey Wyatt
                                                Glacier Valley, AK

I am still using them and I love them. They are holding together really
well. I think I might be able to get one or two more years out of them
then I'll be contacting you again to buy more (you're not going out of business
are you). People come in every few weeks and are impressed by them so I send
them to your website. I am not sure if anyone else has ordered from you from
Juneau but if they did they likely saw them in my room. They are quality work.

                                                          Gina B

I just wanted to say how pleased I am that I have already received the chair
bag I ordered Monday. Your product is top quality and I will definitely pass 
along my satisfaction to other parents and teachers at the school where
I work.Thanks again!
                                                        Mary Lara
                                                      Burbank , CA

I have told other schools about your wonderful product. Whenever someone sees the chair bags I tell them about you AND the competition--while pointing out that
yours are the best because of the high quality denim used and because of the two pocket design. I give other teachers at different schools your email address and hope that some of my neighboring schools in Southern California use your
product also. You may, of course, use my comments on your website. I always
believe in supporting someone or a company who makes fine products good for
the classroom. Have a great day!

                                                          Beloit , WI

Yes, you absolutely can add my glowing comments to your website...I think the best thing I can say is that we have used all 3 brands - the ones from R...G...S..., S...S...,and Happi-Nappi, and that the first two don't hold up, don't wash well, aren't durable, and don't have the pocket versatility. But having Happi-Nappi has been the envy of the other primary teachers - they've held up beautifully! Today is the 172nd day of school and they look brand new! And having the 3 pockets has allowed us to be verycreative with our table assignments. What's more, the children have learned better organizational skills using the 3 pockets, including left and right! Keep up the great work! We love your product!

Kindergarten Teacher

A quick note to let you know I love my pockets. This is year two and they look great. I took them home and washed them at the end of the year last year. I think they have many YEARS left in them. Thanks for making such a great product. I tell everyone about them! Thank you also for your prompt delivery last year. I got my job two weeks before school started and you shipped them right away and helped me be READY when the children came.
                                                      Kimberly Hays
                                                  Five Year Customer

They’re still going strong.
Thank you!
                                                       Amy Denney

I appreciate you checking in with us. I have visited with all my teachers and they are all very pleased with how well the bags are holding up. They have been happy with the amount that is able to be stored in them and the ease of washing them. We definitely plan to order again from you when the time comes.  We love them and can’t believe we ever wasted our time or money on those canvas/plastic chair bags.
                                                        Irmo, SC

I absolutely love the chair bags! They are still holding up and make my life easier by keeping my classroom neat and organized. I may need to order a couple more for next school year. ______________________________________________________________________

I purchased 20 chair pouches from Happi-Nappi and am very pleased with the quality of your product. I just recently brought them home for the summer and washed them.  They held up very well through the wash and ironed nicely, all ready for a new year.  Thanks for a very well made product. Well worth the investment!
Well-satisfied customer.