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About Us

Happi-Pocket started 18 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee. Cynthia Talley was a substitute teacher in the Memphis City School System. During this time, she was starting to develop the Happi-Nappi Nap Bag in her spare time. Several of the teachers used chair bags that parents had made for their students. Having been home sewn, the bags were not holding up very well. Since Cynthia sewed, she took several home to be repaired.  As word spread of the repairs, several more appeared. The teachers told her she needed to start making chair bags. The rest is history.... A few years later, the factory is in place and items are sewn with industrial machines. Through the years, we have made our share of mistakes, however by continuing to listen to teachers and parents, we have developed a quality chair bag.

Everyday is looked at as a new learning experience. If someone makes a suggestion, we listen.  We continue to listen. That's the only way to grow!!  We are a business that continue to grow together through out the years.

All the products and all the materials used in making our items are USA MADE.

The picture below is in the factory with the women sewing to make you a quality product.

                                               Working to sew the highest quality products.

The women appreciate you using our products therefore they are made with care.