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Happi-Pocket Chair Bag's are lasting 6-10 years per teachers and principals.                           


From: Tamyla Taylor @nacisd.org
Sent: Monday, May 3, 2013                                                                             

The Happi-Pocket Chair Bags our first grade team purchased from your company this year is amazing.  They are very durable, easy to clean, and holds books, pencil boxes, slates, markers, everything they need at their fingertips.  It has been a great investment.  The bags has met our standards for quality and endurance.  I appreciate you for making such a great product that works.  The students are enjoying them as well.  

Thank you, 
Mrs. Taylor
First Grade Teacher


       Words from Natalie Stewart--the Friscoisd School District
                                      August 20, 2012

My seat sacks are amazing!!!!!!  I can't wait to start the year with them!  All the teachers that have come in my room are so amazed by the quality!  I did my research before buying and I am SO glad that I did!  I couldn't be happier with my decision to spend a little more for this AWESOME quality!!!  Thanks a million!!!


Happi-Pocket Chair Bags make things easier for everyone.
Children need something to help keep their desk organized.
Teachers want something that will not take up a lot of space.
The Happi-Pocket met these needs.

                  Dustin's  Classroom  from the   Democratic Republic of Congo at the American School of Kinshasa.  

 **Movie set from the Hallmark movie,  
           "Front of The Class".

Happi-Pocket Chair Bags keep students' supplies organized and easy to reach.

Happi-Pocket holds everything
from papers, pencils, workbooks, crayons, rulers, scissors, whatever their school supplies, right on their chair. 

Fits securely over standard chair. 

Size:17"w x 20"H--fits the 2nd grade and above chair or desk.

Kindergarten Size: 12"top/w x 17" bottom/w x 18"total/H (top is tapered to the 12" width to fit smaller chair)--fits the Kindergarten and 1st grade chair.

One extra deep book compartment.

Two small pleated accessory pockets.

The Edge of the bag and stress points are reinforced with strong trim and tacking.

Great fundraiser for parent organizations.

Left bag, 2 years old.

Middle, new bag.

Right bag, 5 years old.

Happi-Pocket Chair Bags are "BUILT TO LAST" by using exceptionally strong and sturdy construction with quality craftsmanship. The edge of bag is surged, then reinforced with trim.  The stress points are reinforced with strong bar tacking.  There is no single stitch seam. This is very important because single stitching on the sides of the bag won't hold up to the pressure of the workbooks in the pocket.  Single stitching comes apart very easily.

The Happi-Pocket is constructed of tough, high quality materials.  We use heavy weight denim. The bags are easy to care for.  They are machine washable and dryer safe.  No special care instructions!

Parents, teachers, and children all agree that "Happi-Pocket makes everything easier!"  Parents and Teachers want to help children get more organized to be more successful.

Children love to have a place to keep all their workbooks & supplies.
 During summer travel, the parents are using them in their cars on the headrest for the kids to put their C.D."s, games, books etc...

Picture of a Ten year old Happi-Pocket Chair Bag found at Kingsbury Elementary School in Memphis.

The teacher Christy Martin could not wait to take me to her classroom to show me the bag. 

Competitor's Bag.

The supplies do not go all the way down into the bag.  Notebooks hang out into the rows making it hard for the teacher or students to walk down the rows.

Look at pictures above of the Happi-Pocket in the classroom.  The supplies fit all the way down into the pocket.  Nothing falls out.

We have been knocked-off! The bags look like the Happi-Pocket but it is made to fall apart in less then a year. Ours is not the one torn!  You can see how the knocked-off bag is made to look just like ours.

                   Only available in heavy denim.

Order NowPRICE-$12.95

"The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten"--Unknown

Call for Discount Pricing for Teachers and Schools. We take school Purchase Orders. Call us for an estimate to be e-mailed to you.

                    Call Toll Free at 877-763-0701
                  Local Memphis,TN 901-794-0220

Call for the shipping price on large school orders.
Most schools list them on the supply list and sell them in the bookstore. We do not retail the bags to help hold down your cost or your school's cost. We at Happi Nappi have several testimonials from teachers.

**We are very proud to let you know the Happi-Pocket made it's debut in the December 2008 Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie "Front of The Class".  The picture below is from the movie.  The movie is a true story about Brad Cohen who became a teacher.  He has Tourette Syndrome.  This link will let you hear a little bit about his life.  It is wonderful and uplifting to hear his story.  Every teacher needs to listen to this link  http://www.classperformance.com/speaker-sample-video-of-presentation/ 


  Happi-Pocket™ is a division of Cynthia Lea Inc.

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